We help you with your occupational pension

Skandikon offers automated, cost efficient and secure management of administrative flows for occupational pensions.

About us

By combining a modern system with efficient processes, expert competence, and a high level of service, Skandikon is the obvious choice of partner for insurers. Employers and private individuals can feel secure, thanks to our simplified handling, high quality, and reduced risks.


Skandikon is one of Sweden's most experienced outsourcing companies in the administration of defined benefit occupational pensions, and selection central services.

Skandikon is an independent service provider who does not conduct their own asset management. Our independence makes us flexible, both in terms of our offer and who we work with.

Skandikon's working methods and operating systems are completely adapted to handle licensed operations. Many of our clients are under supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. In practice, this means that our own operation is also subject to this supervision - and is handled in accordance with FFFS 2005:1.

Our customers

Skandikon has a long-term collaboration with many small and large listed companies, insurance companies, pension funds and many other private, state and municipal companies and organisations. The majority of savings insurers and asset managers in Sweden are our customers. Since we have financial services and actuarial services under one roof, our customers get an overall picture of both liabilities and assets, as well as solvency and profitability.

Our owners

Skandikon is the joint brand for Skandikon Administration AB and Skandikon Pensionsadministration AB, and is a subsidiary of Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia ömsesidig.

For insurance providers

We are your proactive outsourcing partner when it comes to the administration of defined benefit occupational pensions and selection center services.


Our services


If you want to focus more on your core business, we can take care of your pension administration. Skandikon has many years of experience in administering defined benefit pension plans. Unlike many similar companies, we retain and grow the competence for defined benefit pension plans.

Today, we administer the following plans to our customers: FTP 2, ITP 2, BTP 2, SkandiaPlan 2 and voluntary defined benefit plans. Our knowledge is built into our processes and into our system support, VERA, which handles the flow of information and all administrative services - including our e-services.

System Support

You can now give your own administrators access to VERA - Skandikon's modern and flexible system for pension administration. VERA has been created to make it easy to overview and manage pension commitments, while the insured receive clear information about their pension.

VERA is easily used via a web-based interface from your own workplace. Skandikon handles the operation and maintenance, updates and backups, adjustments and quality controls. In addition, we provide qualified support when needed.

VERA is divided into several different subsystems, and your company can choose those you need.

Digital Selection Center Services

Now you can ensure that your insured clients can make flexible occupational pension choices and receive a good service. Skandikon offers an independent selection center with accompanying administration for large and small pension agreements. Today, we handle a number of different collectively agreed occupational pensions and individual agreements: AKAP-KL, KAP-KL, BTP 1, BTP 2, FTP 1, FTP 2, 3P, PPA 13, PPA 07, Frivillig BTP, FTP, ITP - förmånsbestämd, ITP - premiebestämd, Skandiaplan 2, ITP-Tele och ITP-S.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact our business team: affarsteam@skandikon.se

For private individuals

We administer your occupational pension and ensure that money paid by your employer is transferred to insurance companies based on the choices you make.



If you are a private individual and have a defined benefit occupational pension within the following collective agreements that Skandikon administers, you can log in below for more information about your insurance: FTP 2, BTP 2 and SkandiaPlan 2.


If you would like to make a choice within a collective agreement area that Skandikon administers, you can log in at Valcentralen. There, you will find more information about the different collective agreements.

For employers

Our e-services facilitate the administration of occupational pensions for you as an employer.


Skandikon's e-services

If you as an employer belong to a collective agreement that Skandikon administers, as an administrator, you can log in to our e-services. With our e-services, you can report salaries, change an employment status and retrieve information for employees in your company.

Customer Service

Skandikon administers several different pension agreements on behalf of employers, insurers and organizations. In addition, we run Valcentralen where the insured person in several occupational pension areas can make their pension choices.

Our customer service is open weekdays 09:00–12:00 and 13:00-16:00.

Postal address: Skandikon, 106 55 Stockholm

Visiting address: Lindhagensgatan 86, Stockholm

Phone: 0771-580 000